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Who We Are

Brian Morgan built the Think Deeply, Write Clearly system to address the gap between the requirements of the college education system, even at excellent schools, and the depth of thinking and writing needed in business. This system grew out of his 15+ year experience as Managing Editor at one of New York City's premier environmental planning and engineering firms, and also from his teaching work at the New Jersey Institute of Technology among other NYC-area schools. 

"The writing program explores not only clear, concise, and logical writing — but how that writing is a reflection of our product and brand.  It has been enlightening."

—Peter Feroe, AICP., Technical Director, Planning.

After this system was implemented, business teams routinely reported a 10-20% reduction in review costs, and in some cases senior staff review time fell by 50%.  New hires were introduced into the program, which allowed the culture of critical thinking, improved communication, and excellence in reporting to be immediately solidified in new employees.  These processes ensured a bar of excellence throughout the firm, reduced costs, and in some cases have extended retention.    

Critical thinking, and therefore excellent writing, can be taught.  Think Deeply, Write Clearly's coaches are expert teachers and writers with a deep knowledge of business. 


We will give your team the tools to deliver their best work every time. 

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