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Are You Looking To Develop Your Thought Leadership Skills and Practice?

You Might Be Looking For Us.


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Thought Leadership, as we define it, is the art of sharing useful insight inside your audience's attention span.  

The issue with most thought leadership is it isn't particularly thoughtful, and therefore doesn't help our brand positioning, conversions, or opportunities.

This is likely for a few reasons:

A. There is a difference between "content" and "useful insight." 

  • Social media gurus, in particular, seem to blur that line,

  • which creates a noisy background for thoughtful content to compete with.

B. Our education system, therefore our business writing, instructed us to write toward the "form" (template, 5-paragraph essay, more recently-- "Social Media Post Best Practices")  not toward establishing the "credibility of a statement."  

  • The reasons writers write, and readers read, are two different things.

We do not live in an academic, or business, culture that taught us how information is heard.  

On some level we understand this: and many of us have trepidation when it comes to writing-- even though we have a lot to give.

In short, we've found:

Thought leadership is best when it is:

1. Driven by insight 

2. Supported by credible assessment; and

3. Improves the conversation of a marketplace while adding brand value to you.



Almost nobody trained us on how to do that.

It's What We do.

We count among our clients:

The United States Federal Reserve,


Multiple 50-500 person companies, and

100+ small businesses and solopreneurs who are looking to improve the writing in their businesses including thought leadership including speakers, copywriters and  marketers.

We've found:

Confidence with writing stems from two things:

1. Knowing that the insight you are sharing is of deep use to your audience; and

2. Knowing that it will be heard correctly by that audience.

It's just strategy, and the knowledge of how to implement it.

What most of us go through, when we stare at a blank page of paper:

Curating an insight is hard to do; and

Structuring it to be heard in context is equally hard.

So we don't write.

Or, worse:

We don't think we can write what we want to say.


Both things are in your power.

And your insights, when structured that way, will matter to your audience.

And that will matter to you.

Human beings are here to learn.  We strive to learn.




This process will, if you want it to, unlock for you the most lucrative market in your field: 

The intelligent buyer.

And give you the ability to sell your insights-- in a business or as a speaker-- through the credibility of your thinking not through salesy marketing tactics.

Information only moves one way.

We teach it.

You will know it.

You will have the confidence that comes with it.

If you understand how to move credible information to your audience, inside their attention span, you will gain trust, brand power, and income potential in every piece you write. 


You will deepen your contribution to the world.

The world will deepen its responses to you.

It works for us.

It works for our clients.

It will work for you.

Douglas Noll, Mediator, Attorney.

“I've written four books, resolved several $500M+ mediations, and generally speaking, thought I knew what I was doing.  Then I met Brian.  Within a few minutes I knew—this is the real thing.  This would have me rethink every bad piece of advice copywriters/marketing gurus have given me. We approached everything through thought leadership.  This is the best approach to moving information I've ever seen, by anyone-- and I'm a lawyer!  I’ve never felt more confident in the future of my business.”

Coach Bobby Bluford, “Coach Bobby.”

“I had no speaking clients.  Now I’m getting 5-figure offers.  I’ve said this to probably a dozen people but am happy to say it again.  He’s a genius.  It’s an overused word in our society, it's lost a lot of its meaning.  I mean it in its original sense. Brian is a legitimate Steve Jobs-level genius, and is also one of the kindest men you’ll ever meet.  Don’t even hesitate.  Just do it.”

We would love to meet you, and speak directly, and help you with your thought leadership questions and approach.  Please feel free to book a 30 minute call with us below, where we promise, you will learn tips to approach your thought leadership that you have never heard before.  

Brian Morgan developed this system over 16+ years in business, as the managing editor of New York City's premier planning and environmental firm, and also 8+ years in teaching in universities.  These insights about writing exist nowhere else.  

We would be honored to meet you: please book a call with us below to discuss your questions.

Who We Are/Why We Do What We Do:

First of all, we love it. 

We are deeply passionate about it and excited to meet you.


In addition to teaching at two NYC area universities, Brian Morgan was the managing editor of NYC’s premier planning and environmental firm for 16+ years.  That firm worked on the World Trade Center, Moynihan Station, the Mario Cuomo Bridge, among dozens of others.  When documents left that firm, they had to be credible enough in their conclusions that someone was willing to write a billion-dollar-plus check.  

Brian developed and implemented the Think Deeply Write Clearly system for critical thinking in writing.  Being a university professor Brian knew the weak spots in education and how to address them in a corporation.  He knew the firm did not have a writing or marketing gap, but a thinking and understanding gap that exposed itself in its writing.

We would be honored.  Join us. 

Our clients consistently refer to Think Deeply, Write Clearly as "the most thoughtful community and conversations" in their lives.

Or, if you would like to learn about our


Thought Leadership 101 

course, to be done over 6 days, 30 minutes per day (and also comes with a one-hour workshop with Brian, included in the $249.00 price)

please click below to learn more:

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