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Within six months of starting our business, Think Deeply, Write Clearly had major contracts from The United States Federal Reserve, Aon, among other significant companies to teach writing, based entirely on the quality of our thought leadership.

Other entrepreneurs immediately started asking:

How Did You Do That?!

As a result, we:

1. Created a Content Coaching program in order to support new, better, more effective marketing language through thought leadership.  This is the exact practice we used to create very efficient value for TDWC, organically, about $100,000 for every 1,000 LinkedIn followers we have.  


And, more important, to us:

We ended up building a community of deep thinkers, and we often hear that the conversations people have in our community are the deepest, most meaningful, honest, and helpful conversations they have anywhere.

2. Potential clients asked us to create a short, five-session training,

one of which is a one-on-one workshop of your work with Brian,

that, in 30 minutes a day for 6 days, would give the basics of how our system works, and why it can be trusted to work.

This short course changed our clients' approach to writing on social media (and everywhere), while:

a. deepening critical thinking

b. helping find, and language, their deepest insights

c. increasing confidence

d. proving a repeatable structure to approach that improves both:

i. thinking for thought leadership

ii. the written structure of thoughtful content

For Many People, This Course Changes Their Approach To Writing For The Rest Of Their Lives.

And, Just To Ensure You Get Value, We Include a one-on-one workshop with Brian ($500 value!) in the price, which, including everything above, is only

$249.00 for the entire course.

Welcome to our community! 

You are, likely, one of us:

Your insights matter.  They can make a difference.  But like many of our clients, you likely aren't practiced at clearly identifying, or putting those thoughts together efficiently-- and are looking for a repeatable structure.  

We Are Honored To Help You.

This Works.

Gain Confidence.

Your Insights.

Your Language.

Our Help.

Please Join Us Below.

Deepen The Insights Of The World.

Language Is Legacy.

If you would like to speak to us, directly-- about Thought Leadership 101, or any of our courses, we are happy to have a call with you, as well, to answer any questions you might have:

What Our Clients Have To Say:



Jennifer Venezia, Chief Administrative Officer, Aon Inpoint

"In an hour, Brian understood problems deeply; within 3 months he had produced the most important strategic review of our value proposition we have ever had; he made recommendations that were entirely on target, and the effects of that work will be ongoing, exponential, and worth, almost certainly, millions of dollars in revenue."                                                                  


Desmond Clark, 12-year NFL Player, International Speaker, The Chicago Bears’ second-best Tight End in their history.

“Brian Morgan promised me if I worked with him, we would write and speak deeply enough that my potential clients would see the quality of my thinking and the phone would ring.  At that point, the most views I’d ever seen on LinkedIn was about 10,000 for an individual post.  Without tricks, no pods, no tagging, the third thing we wrote together got over 5,000 reactions, 150,000 views, and 24 hours after posting it I had 3 new speaking opportunities.  Then it happened again.  And again.  Run, don’t walk, to work with Think Deeply, Write Clearly.  I work with Brian on absolutely everything I do now.”

Murray Beaulieu, Founder, Boosted Profits.

"I had 15,000 LinkedIn connections, a new (amazing) product I was passionate about serving people with, and I couldn’t get any traction.  Brian tore apart my messaging, and started in his process.  A few weeks later we found the language we needed, entirely credible language, served in a way people understand. Working with Brian took me from, essentially, 0 clients to a full calendar of appointments, all based on my approach to thought leadership.  Run, don’t walk.  Work with Think Deeply Write Clearly.  You will thank me later."

David Ford, Founder, The Ford Firm

“It is not an exaggeration to say this, and I’m not the first, nor last, who will say it:  if not the best—one of the most consequential decisions I’ve ever made in business is working with Brian Morgan.  He improved my thinking, my writing, my marketing.  Everything about my business—everything about me—improved.”

Jennifer D., Founder, Consulting.

“Almost immediately after working with Brian all my concerns about posting went away (what if someone doesn't like what I say?)  he taught me how to approach writing in such a thoughtful way that it both relieved my nerves, and established me in the market.  Within weeks, I had inbound clients."

Douglas Noll, Mediator, Attorney.

“I've written four books, resolved several $500M+ mediations, and generally speaking, thought I knew what I was doing.  Then I met Brian.  Within a few minutes I knew—this is the real thing.  This would have me rethink every bad piece of advice copywriters/marketing gurus have given me. We approached everything through thought leadership.  This is the best approach to moving information I've ever seen, by anyone-- and I'm a lawyer!  I’ve never felt more confident in the future of my business.”

Coach Bobby Bluford, “Coach Bobby.”

“I had no speaking clients.  Now I’m getting 5-figure offers.  I’ve said this to probably a dozen people but am happy to say it again.  He’s a genius.  It’s an overused word in our society, it's lost a lot of its meaning.  I mean it in its original sense. Brian is a legitimate Steve Jobs-level genius, and is also one of the kindest men you’ll ever meet.  Don’t even hesitate.  Just do it.”

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