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Your Best Work, Every Time.

What We Do

Our interactive writing workshops, customized for your organization after a thorough assessment, quickly and dramatically improve your team's written deliverables while reducing costs and frustration.  New processes ensure your team's best work every time.



Why We Do It

The gap between the university writing curriculum and the depth of thinking required in business can cost your  company millions of dollars and untold hours.  Addressing this gap is our mission.  Our system increases your team's efficiency and reinforces critical thinking habits throughout the organization.



Teams that have implemented gain a common language to discuss writing and edits; they also report a 10-30% reduction in writing and review time after the workshops, and a higher quality of work.  Some teams report a 50% reduction in editorial expenses after one-on-one sessions. 


Our Results

Our Mission

Our mission is for every employee in every business to have the tools, and confidence, they need to write, and communicate, meaningfully with their clients and their teams. 

Language is the human superpower.  It is the tool through which all businesses, and employees in business, create ever greater relationships, teams, and products.  Also, a better economy and a better world.

The college system, even at excellent schools, did not stress enough the importance of writing and clear communication, to your employees.  This has led to many frustrating weekends for you, and untold hours of editing emails, reports, and proposals.  Or, worse, hours of dealing with the aftermath of poorly communicated information being delivered to your client.

Past writing workshops didn't move the needle, for you, and now you think that no one truly understands the issue enough to offer a meaningful solution that will save you time and frustration. 


You think no one knows how to give your team the skills it needs to produce its best work, every time.

We do. 

"This is not a writing course.  This is a thinking course, a business course, that focuses on writing.  Past company-sponsored writing trainings were an enormous waste of time and resources.  This course solves issues companies are aware of but don't know how best to approach or address."

—Chris Robbins, Sr. Technical Director, Environmental Planning.


"For eight months I looked for a course that did this.  There was nothing this good.  This is it.  This is the one that solves the issue."

—Carl Johnson, Financial Services.

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